The meat is Epos' highlight: it reaches its highest level, thanks to the grill and a dry aging system. We use Chianina, Marchigiana, Australian Angus, as well as the “manzetta prussiana”, which comes from North Poland (formerly Prussia), where animals are bred in the wild, eating natural fodder. Another highlight is the wide assortment of cheeses and cold cuts to be found on the “wall of taste”: a temperature-controlled aging area for high-quality products, from the famous “jamon iberico”, to the “capocollo of Martina Franca” and the “fiocco di nero casertano” (the last one, together with other special products, comes from Enzo Mattei's butcher shop in Fondi). In addition, we have the “caciocavallo podolico” from Apulia region, as well as a selection of excellent national and foreign cheeses chosen by the specialized network De Gustibus.
We have various types of homemade bread (with a minimum of 21 hour leavening) and pasta kneaded by hand.

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