The location is informal and convivial, but maintains Poggio le Volpi's elegant gourmet approach: Epos Wine&Food is the bistro managed by Poggio le Volpi's Chef, Oliver Glowig, offering a straightforward, tasty cuisine, which is deeply rooted in the territory and always gives priority to seasonal food. The Chef teutonic approach allows him to express his talent at Epos through traditional dishes that also include innovative elements, from both technical and sensorial points of view, in complete harmony with the surrounding environment.
With 50 covers indoors and 60 outdoors, Epos wine&food is a bistro with a casual feel, so it's suited for different occasions. It's a modern space with a total white look, enriched by incursions of red light on the ceiling and light color wood tables, welcoming the customers to a familiar but glamorous atmosphere.
The meat is the highlight of this place: Chianina, Marchigiana, Australian Angus, as well as the “manzetta prussiana”, the crown-jewel of the “collection”, which at Epos reaches its highest level, thanks to the grill and an open dry aging system that allows to choose variety, cut and maturation.
Another highlight is the wide assortment of cheeses and cold cuts to be found on the beautiful “wall of taste”: a temperature-controlled aging area for high-quality products, such as “jamon iberico”, “capocollo of Martina” and the “fiocco di nero casertano”. There's also a good variety of dairy products made by local artisans. For some of these they used grape skins from grapes used for local wines such as Baccarossa and Donnaluce. In addition, we have the “caciocavallo podolico” from Apulia region, as well as a selection of excellent national and foreign cheeses chosen by the specialized network De Gustibus.
We have various types of homemade bread, and because of that it's always fragrant.

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