Matter-oriented, elegant, with mixed black and gold furniture, it's a refined place that offers an exclusive atmosphere for a gourmet experience. It's also a place where the harmony between the interior and the surrounding environment takes shape through a mix of natural elements (soil, stone, sand) and materials reinterpreted to tell the story of the incredible relationship between soil and vines, between culinary culture and design. The new Barrique Poggio le Volpi is all this and more. The place where they stored barrels of local wines is now a “taste hub” offering high quality products, all created by Chef Oliver Glowig.

A little grove, recreated using protected plants from the environment of the Castelli Romani Park, and a loggia decorated with wisteria welcome the guests to Barrique through an “immersive” experience. Here, among barrels, beautifully designed tables and vines in the background, everything has been studied carefully to host 30 covers. The real highlight of the location are the “objects” connected to walls and frames through soil: works of art, made of lacquered precious metals, perceived as if they were objects resurfacing from the soil to further emphasize the symbiotic relationship with the soil itself. The architectural project is by Matteo Antonelli and Andrea Miscoli's studio Mama Design, with the important work of Luca De Felice, who contributed in a major way to the construction of Barrique. Roberto Ortolani from “Natura e Architettura” took care of the aspects related to landscapes.