Pastry Chef Andrea Riva Moscara is the man behind the desserts at Barrique. He's young, but has already had many notable experiences, which are the following: Giuda Ballerino Restaurant, Palagio Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts in Florence, Settembrini Restaurant and Bernini Bristol Hotel. He was also a teacher in advanced training courses. Creative, but respectful of tradition, he loves to revisit classic pastry, mostly through the use of different colours and consistencies. Top quality ingredients are fundamental, always seasonal, and, if possible, local. As a result, on Barrique's menu, customers will find creations such as the “Milk chocolate Mousse, salted peanuts and blackberries” or his “Apple Tatin”.
At Epos Wine&Food you will find classics such as Cherry and Ricotta, Tiramisù and Zuppa Inglese.